We are truly sorry for your loss...

which is why we created the plot, a site full of simple ways to commemorate
your loved one beautifully. We want to help. We can help. Scroll down to see how.
How It Works

How It Works

Select from our gallery of elegantly designed templates.
Quickly send out a beautiful announcement with your loved one's photo, name and dates
(or more information if you prefer).
Easily add a memorial site, obituary, memorial service detailsĀ­ (with rsvp option) and memories from friends, all in the same personalized theme.

here at the plot you can:

Create a
  memorial page
    with a designer
        fitting for your
          loved one.
Publish an
  obituary and
    memorial service
        in one central
Invite friends
  and family to
    the service and
      other events.
Keep track
  of how many
    people are
Print service
  programs and
    thank you
      notes using a
Give family and friends
  a common place to
    share memories and
Upload a        
video of the      
service for    
those who couldn't  
make the trip.
Keep your loved one's
  memory alive in this
    beautiful place for years
      to come...

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